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„Das Land der Griechen (auch) mit der Seele suchend.“

Zur Prägung von Heinrich Schliemanns öffentlichem und privatem Leben durch ,Ilias‘ und ,Odyssee‘

Peter Grossardt

Pages 15 - 47

Abstract: The paper will explore with some detail how the Homeric epics and related post-epic Greek poetry shaped the public and private life of Heinrich Schliemann especially after his move to Greece. This includes such matters as his imitation of Odysseus and his posing as a new Homer during his early trip to Ithaca, the naming of his children and servants after Homeric heroes, the building of his private house in Athens and the posthumous establishment of his funeral monument on a public cemetery in Athens. All these features contributed to the creation of an artificial Homeric world, which served to represent Schliemann as a kind of a new Homeric hero to the public in Greece and around the world. Two semi-private incidents will be of particular relevance for this paper: Schliemann’s excavation of the Treasure of Priamos with the alleged help of his wife Sophia and his acknowledgement of his error about the correct identification of the Homeric Troy after several days of withdrawal in silence.


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